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MilkChoco, as it may sound, is not a cooking game. Instead, it’s an online FPS shooter game where you can engage in an assault and kill enemies from around the globe. The plot of the game resembles a lot to Respawnables Mod APK, another popular game in the FPS category. It offers various game modes such as Assault, Deathmatch, Escorts, and many more. You can join the Star league and put your skills on display amidst other top players. The objective is to defeat every player who is not on your side using a range of different weapons. There are six heroes, namely Bomber, Ghost, Assault, Recon, Sheild and Medic, and 18 classes. Classes are characters, each with their stats and abilities. Each class tracks its progress separately, excluding diamond, gold, and health. Rank, achievement, weapon, ammo, or any other consumables are not shared between classes. The game also features a Battle Royale mode where 100 players try to defeat each other until there’s only one alive. The Battle Royale can be played by selecting ghost mode in Milkchoco mod apk, which features unlimited money, diamonds, and gold. Do you have what it takes to climb up on the leaderboards? Test your skills in this all-new variant of FPS shooter where the characters are too cute to destroy.

milkchoco hack
milkchoco hack
MilkChoco 1.19.6 APK MilkChoco 1.19.6 APK MilkChoco 1.19.6 APK MilkChoco 1.19.6 APK MilkChoco 1.19.6 APK MilkChoco 1.19.6 APK

Description of MilkChoco Hack

Have you ever love decaying because get trapped on a few degree on game from Action? Then try Milkchoco HACK TOOL from our website plus made yourself pleased. This Hack support both Android and IOS.

MilkChoco is a multiplayer shooter that challenges two teams of up to five players to face each other in an amazing open setting. Players can choose one of two opposing sides: milk or chocolate. On each side, you will find several professions: attackers, doctors, bombers, snipers, etc.

Using MilkChoco Hack MOD APK will boost unlimited diamonds to your account. You can convert diamonds into gold. You can improve your weapon equipment and add some skins to your character.

Battle Royale hack released : Survival mode to be the last one in all players.

5 vs 5 multiplay shooting game.
2017 Google People's Choice - Korea
2017 Google Best Indie Game - Korea
2017 Google Best Indie Game - Japan

Using various heroes with different abilities, you can play various roles in battlefields such as 'Assault', 'Deathmatch', 'Escort' and ETC.
Each hero can be raised individually, they also have own 'ranking', 'weapons' and 'skill'

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==== Features ====
- Easy to Control
- Small size (65 MB, No additional downloads)
- Low latency online FPS

==== Notice ====
1. In-game guide, please use the book button on the top left corner.
2. Login will be a Google account. Even if you change your mobile phone, you can log in with the same account and play with your existing records.
3. If you use Hack or Patcher, you can be blocked permanently.

==== Update scheduled content ====
1. Messages with friends
2. Star league (ladder league)

Milkchoco Hack includes Unlimited Diamonds and Gold.

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